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inBus - affordable trips across Ukraine and Europe
inBus is a direct retailer of bus tickets from all bus stations in Ukraine. The company has been in the niche for 15 years. Their goal is to help customers save time when buying tickets. Our cooperation began in 2020.

inBus is when the ticket goes to you

We analyzed the existing solutions on the market - made up SEO-promotion tasks and upgraded the inBus service code.

The work started by redesigning the footer and header to improve the user experience. The front end was fixed based on the UX analysis. We also improved the website design and increased the directory structure.

Refactoring, weight optimization, and website loading speed optimization were done.

Due to the simple interface, each user can find any route he is interested in. Changed the search form, which simplified the process of buying a ticket. For convenience, Ukraine is placed in the first position on the list.

We improved ticket selection functionality. During the layout, 30-40 waypoints were manually added to adapt the selection for the desktop and mobile versions of the website. That is, the passenger, when buying a ticket, sees not just the point of departure and arrival, but the entire route with cities, which can be from 3 to 20+.  This functionality helps you choose the best travel route and improves the user experience.

We completed a number of SEO tasks:

  • Conducted a technical audit
  • Collected the semantic core for TT
  • Optimized metadata
  • Poured all important links into the search index
  • Created a technical task for a copywriter on Miralinks to purchase links
  • Changed links to the pages

Magic outside Hogwarts

The second part of the project was the development of the frame. Created a separate window area, which is structured as a complete HTML document. The frame is a mini version of the site through which the user can find a ticket. We added in the “frame” a logo, a route with points A and B, a search button, and links to the privacy policy.

As a result, the developed functionality allows the client to place this “block” on different websites, not being limited in their number, simply by entering a small script code.


  1. inBus is an all-Ukrainian online bus ticket office.
  2. The website makes it easy to find and buy a ticket.
  3. inBus provides users with up-to-date information on routes and prices. And a positive user experience builds brand loyalty.



VUE.JS jQuery jQuery UI
VUE.JS jQuery jQuery UI


YII2 Nginx PHP
YII2 Nginx PHP


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Google Analytics HotJar Google Tag Manager Facebook Pixel
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Konstantin Minakov

INBUS is a direct retailer of bus tickets from all bus stations in Ukraine. They have been in the niche for over 15 years.

Brander coped with the task 100%. We got completely ready-made working applications that allow buying bus tickets in up to 60 seconds.

At this stage, together with the company, we decided to continue working and we are developing not one, but four projects.

5/5 - "We proved that cooperation with Brander is a positive experience. We definitely recommend it to other contractors"
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