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Chudoostrov app
Chudo Ostrov - children's goods store.
Chudo Ostrov is a national chain of children's stores with 38 offline outlets. The history of the company began with the opening of the first store in Kharkov in 2011. Today "Chudo Ostrov" children's stores are located in 28 cities of Ukraine. We added links to social networks: Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. As well as to support and an online store. The client contacted us in November 2020. The task for us was to develop a native application for IOS and Android.

Card Holder

We developed a cardholder - turned plastic loyalty cards into virtual ones. Thanks to the application, the company no longer issues plastic cards - which significantly reduces their consumption.

Cardholder for "Chudo Ostrov"  is a personal card in the application, with the ability to monitor the bonus account and be aware of all discounts. On average, a customer registers a card in 30 seconds. 

The online card has a personal bonus number. It is impossible to lose it and it is always at hand.

We introduced information into the personal account: about the store, about the rules of participation in the program, support, language.

We added purchase history and bonus history. Offline purchases are also tracked in the app.

We added push notifications about changes in the store, products, promotions, and openings of offline points.

We developed the functionality of free shipping and promotions. This allows tagging the product with a free shipping label. The checkout shows the amount from which the goods will be delivered for free.

We added the functionality of identifying an outlet. In the "Map" section the application shows the nearest store. Additionally, there is a list of all shops in the city with contacts. By clicking on a store, you can map a route and get to it.


  1. We created a convenient application for storing purchase history and selected products and receiving notifications about store promotions and news.
  2. A flexible application with a customized design and the possibility of further modular expansion of functionality.
  3. The application simplifies the problems of working with the audience, the bonus system, the card itself, and promotions.





Flutter framework
Flutter framework


Flutter framework
Flutter framework


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Google maps QR and Barcodes Cloud Messaging Crashlytics Analytics
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Ivan Zlatov

"Chudo-Ostrov" is a chain of physical toy stores. We’ve been in the niche for over 10 years.

The developed website helped us to refocus and start selling online.

And the application solves two tasks at once:  working with the existing client base and providing functionality that allows us to use the application in the future to build this base.

4/5 - “Our project is in good hands of Brander”.
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