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Safor Security is your personal safety 24/7
We started working with Safor in 2019. The client had a great idea, and we brought it to life. The basic concept of Safor Security is to provide security to the user of the application. This is a unique product with which you can call the patrol of SSS.

We analyzed market solutions and application usability. Based on the data obtained, we developed our own unique, user-friendly interface. The design was developed based on the corporate identity of the company. 

We developed a security call functionality. The call goes to the regional office of the SSS. Then, the data from the application is sent to the nearest patrol, which leaves to help the user. Patrol receives data using Google API integration.

We thought over and created the structure of the profile in which personal data is stored. The user can add phone numbers, name, photos, vehicle make and number. We also added expandable parameters, such as the places the user visits, height, weight, blood type, etc. Such a wide range of user attributes helps to speed up the process of searching for a person by the patrol.

Implemented the "Family" functionality. Safor allows you to add family members’ numbers. The application is installed by the phone number and at the time of the call, each family member receives a notification. Along with the notification, everyone receives the coordinates of the user.

Complicated things put simply

At first glance, Safor Security is an app with a button, but it is not. The product has a unique “inner world” with many states for the user. Thought-out usability to the smallest detail and a backend that responds in a split second.

We developed an onboarding for new users that demonstrates the functionality of the application. We also simplified the registration form, leaving only the required minimum of fields.

We developed the Safor app for the Apple Watch with the functionality of the mobile version. In a dangerous situation, each user can call patrol of SSS using a watch.

Failsafe system

If the user does not have the Internet, the "Offline Call" feature works. When you press the call button, the application sends an SMS in which the coordinates and user ID are encrypted. This allows you to call the patrol in unforeseen situations, and exclude cases when the user was left without help.

We developed the "Delayed Call" feature. The user fills out the information where he will be and until when the timer will work. If the timer is not disabled, then something happened to the user. The application takes the last coordinates and starts a security call.

We integrated Apple Pay and Stripe subscription. Messages are sent using the Turbo Sms service.


  1. Safor Security is a unique application that provides security services throughout Ukraine.
  2. The product is a technically complex solution since the application has a wide range of functionality and interfaces for the operators of the SSS and the admin panel.



JavaScript / React
JavaScript / React


PHP 7.4 / Symfony 5 / MySQL / PostgreSQL / RabbitMQ / Redis / CentrifuGO / Nginx/Nginx+Lua
PHP 7.4 / Symfony 5 / MySQL / PostgreSQL / RabbitMQ / Redis / CentrifuGO / Nginx/Nginx+Lua
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Product Manager Safor
Dmitry Dimenko

Safor application - provides security services for every resident of Ukraine.

We've started to work with Brander to adjust our application to the modern realities of the market.

Therefore, the team had focused on 2 things: a trouble-free architecture and a user-friendly interface. The result is a cool product that saves human lives.

5/5 - "I recommend Brander to everyone who wants to get a quality product"
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