Integration of Magento Shop With Different Services


We repeatedly talked about how flexible and functional Magento is, optimal for creating an online shop. So why do you need integration of these or those resources, because it already has a number of ready-made tools and solutions for the clients?

Let's begin with the simplest — ergonomics of the service. This must look convenient. User satisfaction will grow after every visit to the website. Client loyalty should be one of the most important factors in online sales. And small blunders can rob you of customer loyalty.

That's why it's important to make every stage of customer interaction with your resource pleasant and convenient. And the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to online sales is payment for the purchase. Your online shop needs a convenient payment aggregator.

Payment Aggregators

Those that were available in the basic package of Magento give you the option to only redirect the customer to a payment gateway when paying for an item. What happens in this situation:

  • the client got to the gateway, and then nothing;
  • the shop administrator does not know whether the purchase has passed or not;
  • the admin doesn't know about the problems, if any;
  • if the payment has gone, he will receive a notification to email with some delay; 
  • the manager will manually have to make the payment, mark that the item has been bought, change the status and so on.

This takes a lot of time. The more customers you have, the more difficult it will be to proceed requests using this scheme. This is why it is important to implement actual payment aggregators into the service to minimize time costs.

According to statistics, implementing aggregators and making payments in automatic mode can save processing time dozens of times. An example is the integration of the Stripe payment system. Popular worldwide service, which is characterized by adaptability for developers and the possibility to integrate to different CRMs.

For worldwide payments, companies can and should connect systems:

  • Liq Pay;
  • PayPal;
  • iPay;
  • Masterpass;
  • Amazon Payments.

When a company connects payment methods to its online shop, the integration of online checkout services is carried out. The service sends an approval to the customer's mailbox, as in a conventional shop.

Delivery System

After paying for the order, what does the customer want to do? Organize delivery. This is where integration with courier services should help. You can set a fixed cost of delivery, but it’s worth taking into account the carrier's tariffs, pricing and factors of "actual and volumetric weight". It is necessary to be careful, make calculations, so as not to go into the minus, offering the condition of "free delivery".

Delivery system integration will help you create a "smart shipping cost calculation". It will calculate the cost, delivery time to the customer in real time. Yes, it will also give the client the number of the bill of lading, assigned to his order in his personal cabinet.

For companies and shops that cooperate with European countries and deliver worldwide, such companies will be useful:

  • Meest Express;
  • FedEx;
  • UPS;
  • DHL;
  • USPS.


Integration of CMS systems allows site owners the following features:

  • a lot of tools to work with a site content;
  • tools for managing content, media files: store, control versions, set up access modes;
  • create and make publications;
  • provide information in a form that will be convenient and practical for the user;
  • the system allows you to manage various files: from documentation and phone numbers to videos and infographics.

Accounting Systems

An indispensable and important assistant for both small and bigger businesses. They help to establish and optimize all processes of work with goods and deliveries, timely check the availability of items and monitor shipments/deliveries.

Other Types of Integrations

Above is a list of basic business integration options that will be important in the early stages of your company growing. As your business become bigger, you may need the following options:

  • options for conducting call tracking;
  • email marketing extensions;
  • chatbots for better communication with customers and answering their questions, offloading client service.

All of these are possible and necessary to create not only a convenient and reliable online shop, but also to increase loyalty from the audience.


To summarize, we can say that integrating your shop with other services is important not only for you, but also for the client. It helps not only to improve the effectiveness of your business, but also to make the connection between TA and the shop more pleasant, more effective.

12 March 2024
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