5 Advantages of Using Magento to Build an Online Store


The rapid dynamics of e-commerce development is hard to dispute, so businesses in this area face the challenge of creating a convenient, ergonomic, and functional online store for customers.

If the task is to create a large and functional website with the potential for expansion, then WordPress or some other cloud-based builder will no longer be suitable. But what to do? The answer is: look for a suitable CMS system! We offer Magento.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an open-source engine that is especially good for creating online stores. Why is Magento so popular and in demand?

The engine was originally aimed at the e-commerce industry, so its functionality and tools are inclined to it. The distinctive features include:

  • adaptability to the requirements of search engines;
  • search engine friendliness, which facilitates SEO promotion of the resource;
  • a very large number of marketing and analytics tools;
  • flexibility in setting up payment and delivery modules;
  • support for numerous languages;
  • good adaptability to mobile devices (an important point in 2023 for e-commerce);
  • a flexible system for sorting customers into groups;
  • very detailed statistics, including reporting on sales, reviews, customer baskets, favourites, etc.

But there are some "buts". First, it will not be easy for beginners to interact with the system. To work with the system, you will need the help of professionals who can create a reliable, functional solution for your business ideas and tasks. You won't be able to build it yourself in a couple of days.

The second point is the focus on the Western audience. This is more of a plus than a minus. Recently, more and more business representatives have been discovering the EU and the US. This is a great way to develop and scale. We recommend it if you want to step out of your comfort zone and get more profit.

Now let's take a closer look at some of the key features of the CMS system.

Flexibility and Scalability

Since the system code is open, there are almost no limits to customizing your online store.

However, some users do not need customization due to the large number of tools. The basic Magento package has numerous tools for the complete creation and management of a website.

The engine allows users to create a flexible and functional website, manage it, and develop it as your company grows. The main features of the CMS:

  1. You will be able to add products of various types to your catalogues: simple, grouped, virtual services, gift cards, services with further download (software).
  2. The catalogue output settings include a filter system, catalogues, management of fields, columns, blocks and keyword search.
  3. There is a built-in visual designer with media files.
  4. There is support for a complex structure of catalogue pages. This means that you can customize each page by meta tags, terms, and descriptions.
  5. You can set a unique display template for each page.
  6. Products can be sorted by several filters at once. This option will be useful for large businesses. The output will be a unique product filter page.
  7. Integrated system of reviews and feedback.
  8. There is a system for working with returns and warehouse accounting.
  9. A system for exporting store data.
  10. A system of differentiation of user rights, which will be useful for the work of teams. Each employee has access only to the block he or she needs, so the team's work algorithms will not be disrupted.
  11. A pool of tools for a marketing campaign.
  12. The function of supporting different payment methods for goods.
  13. A tool for working with promotions and discounts.
  14. A functional customer account. You will be able to provide users with an informative and useful section where they can manage their purchases and sales, track delivery, create lists with selected products, and leave feedback.
  15. Integration with search tools on the website.
  16. A large list of analytical tools for work.

And this is only the basic set of functions that a user gets if he chooses Magento to create an online store or other website. All these tools give you a huge scope for realizing your potential. And don't forget that with the growth of your brand, you can scale, change, improve, and add many plugins and modules.

Numerous Modules and Extensions for the Website

As we have already mentioned, the CMS is open source, which allows the community to develop the system and create numerous different extensions for it.

There is a resource — Magento Marketplace. This is more than 3 thousand extensions for your website that are compatible with Open Source.

All add-ons can be divided into three main categories:

  • language packs
  • themes;
  • modules.

All products that you buy and want to use for your store will be synchronized in the Commerce Marketplace. However, you will need the help of a specialist to install and configure them, as this is done through the SSH console or the Composer package manager.

Possible modules:

  • accounting;
  • finance;
  • sales promotion;
  • work with content;
  • tools for marketing;
  • payment processing;
  • tools for improving the security of transactions;
  • analytics and reporting tools;
  • website optimization tools.


An important aspect of e-commerce. Not all CMS brands can offer their customers training programmes with their product.

Magento offers an extensive list of training materials for all categories of users:

  • business owners;
  • developers;
  • designers;
  • coders.

Security of Magento Websites

If you look at the resources built on the basis of this system, you will notice several common features between them and differences from other sites:

  • pages and sections of a Magento website always load quickly;
  • the site pages will always have a high-quality display of blocks and panels, items and goods;
  • sites are stable in their work;
  • all sites are resistant to attacks and malware.

This is all thanks to open source. The community is very active and regularly works to improve the system, creates new tools and products for the engine. All specialists actively communicate with each other, provide help and support. This means that the system is constantly evolving and improving.

Bottom Line

Magento is one of the best solutions currently on the market. The UK and its entrepreneurs have chosen to work with the West and its markets. This can be heard in their interviews and podcasts. In order to keep up with the leaders, it is better to take the right vector and go on the same wavelength with them.

Magento is a relevant and profitable, as well as functional solution that will help you implement your ideas.

12 January 2024
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