Mobile app development for iOS and Android

Do you want to shorten the distance between your product and a client? Mobile app development for iOS and Android can do it. A cross-platform application is a good chance to reach out to your potential customers faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

What businesses need the development of cross-platform apps?
Mobile app development for iOS and Android makes your business more flexible and increases the conversion, irrespective of the area. This can be:
service provision
financial companies
B2B sphere
on-line media
manufacturing companies
How do we develop cross-platform apps?
Market analysis and creating a concept

Firstly, we meet with a client and discuss the main idea. Having listened and heard all the client’s expectations and wishes, a team of programmers define the format – native or cross-platform. The team do research into the client’s business, competitors, “business neighbours” and defines the target audience and users’ behavioural patterns. We work through a technical specification and upon the full agreement with the client get the creation process started.

UX Design

Based on the analysis of the target audience our specialists draft users' profiles, create scenarios and prototypes of interfaces, factoring in behaviour of the target audience and peculiarities of cross-platform programs. After agreeing on all the prototypes and getting the client’s approval, the project is forwarded to UI designers.

UI Design

At this stage your app gets colour. Designers work through fonts and the corporate style of the soft. Animation, infographics, icons, the logo are drawn in compliance with the corporate style.

Technical part

After the design process comes the technical part. With the help of effective tools, SDK Flutter and a bit of back-end and front-end magic, the team of programmers implement your ideas.

Publication in App stores

When the technical part is over, and the project is ready, testing starts. Only after making sure that all the functions of the app are workable, the team gets the product ready for publishing in stores.

Marketing and support

Brander is a full-cycle company, so after the publication our marketing team gets on board. These guys create the brand philosophy, build up a content-plan on breaking into the market, on expanding the target audience and winning credibility. They will also make your product look and feel different from that of your competitors.

Clients get more with us

Cross-platform apps reach to Android and iOS users, that account for more than 85% of Ukrainians. 70% of owners of smart devices make purchases within 1 hour, using mobile apps.


Our team can publish your product in the App Store and Play Market from our account or give you practical advice on how to do it using a client's account.


Publication is just the first step of the app’s journey. Our team is ready to help you develop the product in future: support, upgrade and promotion.


Technologies are developing and opportunities are increasing. A mobile app, which reaches Android and iOS users can yield a return: offer your customers to subscribe to get useful functionality or enable paid access to the product.

The cost of the mobile app development for Android and iOS depends on the complexity of the project. The specifics of a subject-matter, the number of screens, the desired functionality also add to the total cost. To get a preliminary estimate, we must have a detailed technical specification.
The main difference from a native platform is an opportunity to make the project on several platforms simultaneously, which gives you an extra competitive edge.
A cross-platform app is made faster than a native one. The timeline for the development depends on the complexity, specifics and functionality. To get a preliminary estimate, fill in the form.
In an app store any app undergoes moderation. Terms of publication in App Store and Play Market differ, so the timeline will be different, too. On the Play market it is faster, in the App Store it can take up to several weeks.
Our team is always in touch, so clients can find out what’s going on with the project at any time. The clickable prototypes are accessible for the client any time.
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