Mobile app development for iOS

Smart devices have already conquered the market, 1 out of 4 users spends more than 7 hours with their smartphone daily.  Mobile app development for iOS is a step further to shorten the distance between you and your clients. Our team is deeply immersed in each and every project, refining to perfection the apps that are able to solve any business task.

What businesses need mobile apps development for iOS?
Mobile applications development for iOS makes your business more flexible, irrespective of the area. The following companies can increase conversion, launching a mobile app on iOS:
service providers
financial companies
B2B sphere
on-line media
manufacturing companies
How do we develop mobile apps for iOS?
Market analysis and creating a concept

To create a unique product, we need to plunge into its specifics. A mobile app development for iOS is based around a technical specification, so firstly we meet with a client and discuss the future project. Even if the client has nothing, but a half-baked idea, our team will help finalise and implement it.

UX Design

The second stage is the most complex and responsible. First, our team analyses the target audience and defines typical behaviour for each user profile. After this, the first prototypes of interfaces are created. UX specialists draft a layout and only upon agreement with the client the prototype is forwarded to the team of developers.

UI Design

UI design contributes much to convenient communication between a client and a product, so our UI-specialists draw a good-looking interface and create a unique corporate style for your app. The logo, infographics, animation, icons and other images are drawn at the same stage.

Technical part

After the product gets “a beautiful face”, it is high time for the technical stage. During this stage the app architecture is created. Front-end development covers the logic programming and page making, while back-end is aimed at creating databases, structuring the software and the admin panel plus some other technical nuances.

Publication in app stores

When everything is ready, we start testing to check and make sure that the soft is workable and functional. Only after this the team gets the product ready for publishing in the store.

Marketing and support

We are always there for you. Brander is a full-cycle company. The brand philosophy, breaking into the market, a content-plan on promotion, expanding the target audience, winning credibility and managing reputation are just a tip of an iceberg of our marketing support.

Clients get more with us

Users of iPhone and iPad belong to a young and well-heeled audience: 70% of them make a purchase within 1 hour. The number of purchases via devices on iOS is 20% higher than via devices on Android.


When the development stage of a mobile app for iOS is over, we publish your product in the App Store from our account or give you practical advice on how to do it, if you want to launch the project from a client's account.


Our team is dedicated and deeply immersed into the work on your mobile app for iOS in each stage of its development. Support, upgrade and marketing – we are always there for you.

Sales increase

Possibility to order something using your mobile phone adds to the probability of a quick purchase


The development of mobile apps for iOS brings in money not only through sales increase. How to monetize the product? Place ads, create partnership platforms, offer extra functionality or make paid access to the product.

The choice of the platform for your project depends on your target audience. If you know that your clients are Apple users - have no doubt! The upsides of a mobile app development for iOS are evident: high returns, the level of users’ solvency, high level of security, a more deliberate selection of programs in the App Store. In the future, the support of mobile apps for iOS will be cheaper.
The cost of the mobile app development for iOS depends on the complexity of a project. Without an accurate technical specification, we can define only an approximate cost. Specifics of the subject-matter, the number of screens, the complexity of a design add to the final cost. To get a preliminary estimate, fill in the form or contact our managers.
It is hard to give an accurate estimate of time needed for a mobile app development for iOS. Much depends on the number of screens, functionality, design, specifics of the theme and other details. If you have a well-drafted technical specification, we can make a more accurate estimate of time.
The publication of the app depends on the App Store, which is known for its careful selection and manual moderation of apps. So, the publication can take up to several weeks. We follow all the rules of the project publication to make sure that your clients start using it as quickly as possible
Our team is always in touch, so clients can see the layouts and prototypes at any stage of the development.
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