Mobile app development for Android

If you want your client to remember about your business, mobile app development on Android will shorten the distance between you and your audience. We will study your business model, potential users and come up with an understandable, pleasant and user-friendly design. We will write a reliable code, do the integration and launch the product in the market. We believe in each and every project and refine it to a perfect app that is able to solve any business task.

What businesses need mobile apps development for Android?
Mobile app development for Android makes your business more flexible and increases the conversion, irrespective of the area. It is suitable for:
service providers
financial companies
B2B sphere
on-line media
manufacturing companies
How do we develop mobile apps for Android?

Development of a mobile application for Android is a complex process that consists of six main stages.

Market analysis and creating a concept

Firstly, we meet with a client and discuss the future project. The more accurate the client’s understanding of the project is, the more effective its development is going to be. Even if the client has nothing, but a brilliant idea, our team will help implement it. After discussing the technical specifications, we do the analysis of competitors, target audience and come up with the best possible solution.

UX Design

It is a complex and responsible stage. Based on the analysis of the target audience, our specialists draft users' profiles, create prototypes of interfaces, taking into account behavioural factors of the audience. There are some nuances in developing mobile apps for Android, which makes it different from a web-version and must be factored in. After the UX design we agree the prototype with the client and forward it to our specialists.

UI Design

Our UI-specialists draw a good-looking interface and create a unique corporate style for your project, adding details to animation, infographics, icons, the logo.

Technical part

After creating a beautiful design, the project is forwarded to programmers. With the help of effective tools for mobile apps development for Android and a bit of magic, the team implements your ideas.

Publication in App stores

After finishing the technical part, we start testing in order to check and make sure that the software is workable, of high quality and user-friendly. Only after this we are ready to get the product published in the store.

Marketing and support

We are always there for you. Brander is a full-cycle company, so after the publication our marketing specialists get on board. These guys create the brand philosophy, build up a content-plan on breaking into the market, on expanding the target audience and winning credibility. They will also make your product look and feel different from that of your competitors with the help of photos, videos, texts.

Clients get more with us

Our developers create mobile apps for Android 6 Marshmallow and higher, which covers 90% of Android users with current versions of the OS.


We publish your product on Play Market from our account or give you practical advice on how to do it, using a client's account.


The team of experts is dedicated and deeply immersed into the work on your mobile app for Android in each stage of its development. We do understand that publication is just the beginning of the app’s journey. Our team is ready to help you develop the product in the future: support, upgrade and promotion.

Sales increase

Among Ukrainians about 85% are Android users, one-third of them purchase on-line monthly. Pleasant and user-friendly interface makes purchasing faster.


The market of smart solutions and the capacity of mobile apps are constantly expanding and attracting more and more users. Mobile app development for Android can yield a return: make paid access to the product, add a payment function within the app and add paid content.

The latest surveys show that 85% of Ukrainians choose smartphones on Android OS. Play Market checks the soft faster, giving more freedom of action to users.
The cost of the mobile app development for Android depends on the desired functionality. Without an analysis and details we can define only an approximate cost. To calculate a more accurate figure, we must understand the requirements to the soft and the desired functionality.
It is hard to give an accurate estimate of time needed for a mobile app development for Android. Much depends on the number of screens, functionality, design, specifics of the subject-matter and other details. If you have a well-drafted technical specification, we can make the project estimate fast.
The publication schedule can be flexible, as it depends on Google’s check-up – a couple of days to a few weeks. Meanwhile, before the moderation is over, the app is already on Play Market.
Our team is always in touch, so clients can find out what’s going on with the project at any time. The test prototypes are accessible for the client any time.
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