Mobile app development and integration with 1C Enterprise

Mobile devices are conquering the market and every fourth user spends about 7 hours with a smart phone in their hands. Mobile app development upgrades your business and makes it more flexible. Integration with 1C Enterprise streamlines and automates the business-processes. We believe in each and every project and strive for perfection when it comes to apps that solve your business tasks.

What businesses need a mobile app with 1C Enterprise integration?
A mobile app with an integration with 1C Enterprise or another database is a must-have for companies that have circulation of goods. It is a one-stop shop, as you get everything in one place and do not need to process the enquiries via the admin panel. Integration with 1C Enterprise is of use for:
delivery services
financial companies
restaurants and cafes
manufacturing companies
How do we make apps and integrate them with 1C Enterprise?
Market analysis and creating a concept

Before we start mobile app development, we make a market analysis. Even if you have only a half-baked idea, we can implement it. At this stage the team does research into the “business neighbours”, defines and segments the target audience. Clear and accurate requirements for a technical specification are drafted, taking into account the requirements for the client database. Upon the client’s approval of the technical specification, the product development gets started.

UX Design

It is a complex and responsible stage, at which the product is brought to life. Based on a thorough analysis, our UX specialists draft users' profiles, define behavioural patterns for each user’s profile and write scenarios. The outcome of the work at this stage is a layout which is sent to the client for approval.

UI Design

If the layout is approved, UI designers embark on the project. Designers create a unique corporate style. All the animation, infographics, icons, the logo are drawn in compliance with the corporate style. After the approval of the visual content, the product is forwarded to programmers.

Technical part

To write a reliable and workable code, our developers turn to the magic of programming and effective tools. We integrate with 1C Enterprise or give practical advice on the optimal scenario of exchanging data of 1C Enterprise. At this stage the admin panel is also structured, the logic is built and page making is done.

Publication in App stores

When the working draft is ready, it is the time for testing: the errors are corrected, the bugs, if any, are fixed. Only after making sure that all the functions of the app are workable, the team gets the product ready for release.

Marketing and support

The apps’ life starts after the release. Brander is a full-cycle company, so we offer support, upgrade and promotion of the apps. We have a marketing team that will expand the target audience and win credibility, increase the conversion and make your product look and feel different from that of your competitors.

Clients get more with us

Mobile apps for Android and iOS reach to more than 85% of Ukrainians, your potential customers.


Our team can publish your product with an automated database in the App Store and/or Play Market from our account or give you practical advice on how to do it, using a client's account.


We are always there for our clients. If a client wants to add functionality to an app, or change it, we can offer an upgrade and support.

Streamlining business processes

Automated placement of orders, some reporting and document flow will save your managers’ time. Regular exchange of information won’t let the information leak or freeze.

Sales increase

More than 70% of users make purchases online within 1 hour. A quick data exchange, order placement and opportunity to pay, using your smartphone will increase the return.

We do not develop databases. Our goal is to make apps for your business with automated accounting. If you do not use 1C Enterprise so far, we can give you recommendations on the requirements, so that your integration with accounting could function better.
Our programmers can make a mobile app with 1C Enterprise, irrespective of the fact if it is native or cross-platform.
The cost of the mobile app development depends on the complexity of the functionality, specifics of the subject-matter, extra features and other technical moments. The preliminary price of a mobile app will include integration with 1C Enterprise.
All the results are in a backlog and clients have access to it. After each stage of the development clients can look through clickable prototypes, evaluate the progress, make all the adjustments and add comments. Our team is always in touch.
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